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An evening you have been waiting for, before you graduate into the real world, the last and THE BIG NIGHT, of your high school life. And, easily the best day (night) you would have had so far. It’s your time to shine, rejoice, make memories, share experiences and a whole lot of stuff that will be under the “FIRSTs” bucket.
The excitement starts way before the actual event and sticks around well after it’s over. Asking out, saying yes to a date, planning a party, discussions with friends, surfing the internet for ideas and of course most importantly, THE DRESS! We know how important and yet overwhelming this thing is for us, because “been there, done that.” And that’s why I’m pitching in, to talk all about it and make life easier for you. Let’s start with the basics and go through the process—a step-by-step guide to choosing the right prom dress.


modest prom dresses
A body structure every woman desires. And if you already have, nothing like it. You just have to flaunt it in a way that makes it look even better. Since you have a proportionate body and svelte waistline, go with a dress that accentuates your waist, and also draws a balance between the top and bottom part of your body. Mermaid prom dresses are the best choice when it comes to this body type. It does not have to be body hugging.

Triangle Or Pear

vneck prom dress
Something that most women workout for—hips wider than your bustline. And the same rules apply here as well. No prizes for guessing—go with something that works on the same principle. Go with a form fitting bodice dress that is form fitting at the top, because you can afford to wear it.

Apple-Shaped Bodies

prom dresses vneck
You know this is your body type if your bust or upper area is substantial. That is where your strength lies and should be the focus while shopping for a dress. Also, do not forget the idea is to steer the attention away from your waist because it is not necessarily defined. So, long prom dresses are almost always for you while short dresses are best avoided.

Inverted Triangle

pretty dresses for prom
If the name is not self-explanatory enough, here’s what makes for this body type. Your upper body is relatively broader, and hips are narrow. The waistline is not necessarily defined, unlike other body types. The best part about this body type is that you can create an illusion of a defined waist by choosing the right dresses. Shoo away the focus from the shoulders, because it’s much broader than the rest of the body.


goddess prom dress
A body type that is proportionate from the top to the bottom, without too much of a definition falls under this bucket. So if you’re anything like this, remember that you need to choose dresses that make-believe whatever you wish to highlight. Your options are limitless since you can go with almost anything. Just pay attention to a few details.

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